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Главная Insurance

"Orlan Trans" company pays great attention to insurance, because insurance represents to clients additional security and reliability guarantees.

"Orlan Trans" cooperates with the leading Ukrainian insurance company "Oranta" on continuing basis. In 2001 independent experts announced this insurance company as "The most professional company".
Our client can always obtain a copy of any "Orlan Trans" insurance policy if he appeals to "Oranta" insurance company.

· Liability of transporter according to the international convention CMR (1978);
The convention neatly regulates transporter's liability during the international forwardings. Given policy insures liability of the motor company to its client (load owner) and third persons. Transporter is liable for the load, given to him for transport, and terms of its delivery. He is also liable for possible mistakes that may occur during forwarding. In this case the insurance company covers all the risks, related to damage, spoilage and loss of the load. "Orlan Trans" special vehicles (car carriers, refrigerator trucks, textile carriers and others) are insured under the special terms of the CMR international convention. This permits to increase insurance payments. Aggregate limit (maximum compensation paid under one agreement) of the company amounts to 350 thousand dollars and 600 thousand euros depending on the agreement. Special deductibles (part of the loss insurer is financially responsible for) under every insurance event start from 100 euros.

· Civil liability of the motor transport owner, including "green card";
Civil liability means liability of the insurer and insured persons for the damage or loss that he may cause to the health, life and property of third persons as a result of insurance object use or possession. Civil liability may also be employed in case of unintentional offence or violation of the contract. "Orlan Trans" insures its civil liability both in Ukraine and outside the country (insurance system "green card"). The insurance payments for damage, caused to life and health of third persons under one vehicle amounts to 8,5 thousand hrv. Damage caused to the property of the third persons is estimated by the insurance company to the maximum of 25 thousand hrv.

· Insurance of loads
We can always insure the load of our client if necessary.

· Reinsurance
Financial reliability of the company "Orlan Trans" is provided by the obligatory reinsurance of virtually all the insurance directions in the leading world companies, such as Munich Re, General Cologne Re, Gerling Global Re, SCOR, Polish Re. This allows to distribute risks of the insurance company evenly. Even if many insured accidents occur simultaneously, insurers will get all the necessary payments.