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Главная Satellite communication

"Orlan Trans" employs modern systems of global satellite communication that provide high-quality delivery on time. Nowadays the implementation of such technologies represents a secret standard of road-train fleet administrating.

Our systems of satellite communication allow:

  • to trace load transference on-line;
  • plan the exact terms of the load delivery;
  • efficiently interfere in the course of transport;
  • plan utilized capacity of storage area;
  • sell load during forwarding;
  • increase personnel work efficiency;
  • promptly fulfil customs formalities;

The principle of the system functioning is quite simple. Mobile sets of satellite communication systems, installed on the road-trains, send a signal to the receiving terminal ("plate") through one of the satellites. The signal is transformed and transmitted to the dispatching desk through the Internet. Then with the help of the special web-site (Internet-Gate) our client, having his own login and password, can on his own trace transference of the road-trains, carrying his load, via Internet.

Our satellite systems cover all the territory of Europe. Information about any road-train location is renewed every 5 minutes. Specialized equipment allows to send voice, facsimile and SMS messages to crews.