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We aspire to work on all the basic international motorcar routes. Nowadays "Orlan Trans" provides timely and reliable delivery "from door to door" to every place of Europe and Ukraine.

Basic directions of road-trains routes:

Austria Belgium
Hungary Germany
Holland    Denmark
Spain   Italy 
Luxemburg Moldavia
Norway  Poland  
Portugal   Russia
Roumania Slovenia 
Finland France
Switzerland Sweden

Competent logistics
Thoroughly elaborated "Orlan Trans" transport systems allow to solve efficiently and qualitatively virtually all problems related to the international delivery of load and all the concomitant operations. Routes are elaborated in such a way that road-trains will always be near the necessary boarding area. Thus every order will be efficiently and qualitatively accomplished.

Enterprises in Europe
The enterprise owns forwarding company in France "Orlan Trans France S.a.r.I." (Strasbourg). That gives an opportunity to fulfil customs formalities efficiently and qualitatively and also carry out documentation accuracy check before road-train departure (OrlanCheck).

Company has at its disposal a sufficient number of nonexpendable ЕКМТ permissions, allowing to avoid road-trains delay at the European countries borders in expectation of a standard permissions.

Cooperation with the leading forwarding offices
The most important international forwarding companies trust us - "Cargoline Spedition GmbH", "Danzas", "Delacher & Co", "DFDS Transport", "Geodis Calberson", "Kuenne & Nagel", "LKW Walter", "M&M", "Shenker BTL", "Textilspedition H. Verwohlt" and others.